Colonel Green &

His 1899 Automobile

This mural depicts several modes of transportation derived from the Second Industrial Revolution (1870-1914), contributing to Terrell’s significant growth. The railroad was completed in 1873, which expanded the agricultural market. However, the most critical element of this mural is Colonel E. H. R. Green’s automobile. Colonel Green, described as large in personality and stature, was the son of Hetty Green, known as the “Witch of Wall Street” because she was the wealthiest woman during her lifetime. Unsurprisingly, Hetty owned the Midland Railroad, which ran North and South through Terrell and appointed her son as President of the company. During his bachelor days, Colonel Green purchased one of two motor cars that had been built in St. Louis and shipped to Terrell. It is rumored that Colonel Green and the maker of the car, George Preston Dorris, decided to drive to Dallas one day, but as they neared Forney, the water tank became damaged. It is believed that the automobile was repaired at a blacksmith shop in Forney near Reeve Henry. This mural was painted by Sunny Delipsey and was sponsored by The Terrell Heritage Society.