Stearman Kaydet PT 17 Biplane Mural

This mural is dedicated to Terrell’s No. 1 British Flying Training School (BFTS). The school was established in 1941 and trained British flyers who could not train in England due to the Nazi Blitz. The school operated until the end of World War II — September 2nd, 1945. The biplane pictured was the first aircraft a cadet would learn to operate during their course at No. 1 BFTS.

During the middle of World War II, multiple United States Army Air Corps cadets trained alongside the Royal Air Force (RAF). Around 1,470 British graduates received their wings in Terrell, Texas, and participated in the majority of RAF’s theaters, which is an area in which important military events occur or are in progress. Unfortunately, 20 cadets died during flight training and are buried in Terrell’s Oakland Memorial Cemetery.

This mural was painted by artists/members of the North East Texas Fine Art Alliance (NETFAA), who donated their time and efforts. Upon completion, the artists dedicated the mural to the citizens of Terrell. To the left of the Stearman Biplane is the map of England superimposed Steover a map of Texas, representing the unity of purpose throughout the war. In addition, this painting is based on a flight training map with Terrell and London occupying the same space on the map so that pilots could judge distances. The original map is currently displayed at Terrell’s No.1 British Flying Training School Museum. Sunny Delipsey painted the mural of the map.