Iris Theatre Movie Posters


This mural depicts a series of movie posters from the Golden Age of Hollywood; more specifically, it pays homage to the beginnings of this building known as the Iris Theater. The Iris Theater was built in 1925 by Leaman Marshall and quickly earned the title Terrell’s Finest Theater.

The posters are Bar L Ranch, The Lady, King Kong, Wings, Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, and The-Thin-Man. Interestingly, The Lady was the first movie shown at the Iris Theater, while Wings was the first Academy Award winner of Best Picture. Under the posters sitting on the bench is Marion Briggs, wife of former mayor John Briggs, who was instrumental in the renovation of Books & Crannies after the Iris ceased operation. Beside her is a cat named Maddie, a long-time resident at Books & Crannies after being rescued from Hurricane Katrina. This mural was painted by Sunny Delipsey and was sponsored by The Terrell Heritage Society.